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An attempt to store all the bits and bobs from the Torchwood site
From: Ianto Jones
To: Gwen Cooper
Subject: Welcome

This is your way in to who we are, what we do and how we work.

These are Torchwood’s current files and investigations, and fragments of recorded alien events and encounters across the decades.

Eyewitness accounts, photographic/video evidence, written documents and recordings, protocols, guides and manuals, from 1879 to now.

(and by the way, I’m the keeper of the archives, and chief recorder. So if you like, this is Ianto’s Desktop. It’s a phrase I use).

* * * * * * * * *

All the items in this community originally appeared on the BBC website - and therefore belong fully to the BBC. I don't own them and I didn't make them - but I admire greatly the people who did.

ETA: We now know that at least series 2 of the BBC America captain's blogs were written by Torchwood and Doctor Who writer James Moran. He is awesome!

ETA: A lot of the information on here (along with lots of new stuff) is available in book form - The Torchwood Archives, written by Gary Russell. I think it's a great book and I highly recommend it.