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Hi all,

I've had a few enquiries about whether I will be updating the community or timelines in the future. The simple answer is - no. Children of Earth, for a wide variety of reasons, destroyed much of the enthusiasm I had for Torchwood and I cannot see that changing in the foreseeable future.

That being the case, I thought I would offer the site up for adoption. So if anyone would be interested in taking over ownership, please get in touch.

Thanks for all the lovely comments over the last couple of years


ETA: Wow, thanks for the outpouring of love again everyone. Sorry if I worried anyone, I have no plans to delete the community - however, I was looking for someone who was enthusiastic about keeping it updated with the new stuff coming up. Thanks for all the great offers so far, I don't want to make a choice right away and as I'm on holiday for a week, it will be a while before I do. So if anyone wants to withdraw offers or add new ones please feel free. Thank you all. :D

Timeline - The 19th Century

OK - well this is a labour of love in three posts. Mostly inspired by the publication of the excellent The Torchwood Archives (I highly recommend the book), I decided to put together timelines for the three main centuries that impact upon the Torchwood universe. As part of this I have also included information from Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures to give a wider picture of what was happening in the Who Universe at these times, sadly it is utterly beyond me at the moment to include anything from Classic Who - though I won't completely rule this out for the future.

I also currently haven't included anything from the tie-in novels (as I'm yet to read them) or most of the website stuff store on this site (because I haven't got time right now and it's going to be lengthy job - but I do intend to do this at some point).

I also haven't included the following alternative timelines: Parallel Earth; the year that never happened; the Turn Left universe; the Temptation of Sarah-Jane Smith universe.

I have tried to include a citation at the end of each entry so you know where my information has come from - speculative notes and my workings out are also stored here. A list of abbreviations used in these citations can be found at the bottom of each post. I'm sure, however, that I will have missed some things and made some mistakes as I haven't been able yet to rewatch all the relevant episodes. As I do this and as further episodes are released, I will update the timeline. Please feel free to tell me if you spot any mistakes or have any information I have missed.

Throughout the three timelines I have also listed the episodes of each tv show that occur within the period, they can be recognised as the titles appear in bold and in the following colours:

        DOCTOR WHO



Anyway, that's enough house keeping for now - hope this is of some use and inspiration for people.

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Timeline - The 20th Century

Part two of the timelines of doom. For information on how these timelines are arranged please see the post for the 19th century (which, just to confuse everyone who happens to be watching as I put these up, is going to be posted last).

To add to the information included in that post, at the bottom of this section of the timeline you will find just before the list of abbreviations a section for problems and contradictions. These are referenced within the timeline as footnotes represented like this *(#) . I have chosen to discuss the contradictions like this as I wanted to keep an eye on how many there were for various reasons. In the case of this part of the timeline the problems are fairly minor, in contrast, in the 21st century timeline they are somewhat more thorny.

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Timeline - The 21st Century

The 21st century is when... everything gets really complicated and gives me a headache.

Unsurprising really. Obviously the 21st century is when the bulk of the episodes relevant to this timeline occur, so each year has to hold a lot more information. It's also a period where we're less likely to have exact dates that things happen as they're rarely stated in the episodes. And when they are stated it's not always clear whether they are a precise date or more vague.

For example, in Fragments we have several in-episode captions which I have chosen to treat differently:- the first two say 'Five years earlier' and 'Four years earlier' respectively, I have chosen to treat these as vague dates so they simply refer to the date of the episode (2009) minus the number of years mentioned to give the year that the events shown happened - so five years previously refers generally to 2004. In contrast the caption for Ianto's section states it is '21 months previously' - as this number is in itself more precise, I have chosen to treat this as an exact statement of time.

Because of the sheer amount of information I have as much as possible tried to assign events/episodes to specific months. This has had to be based on a lot of speculation - where speculation is involved I have marked the date with this sign (s).

This seems a fair time to discuss why I've chosen to use this timeline. Basically the direct dating evidence we're given in new-Who provides two potential timelines - what I'd call the Concurrent Timeline (where the present-day episodes are dated approximately to their air date) and the Delayed Timeline (where the present-day episodes occur approximately a year after their air date). These two episodes have almost completely comparative evidence (bizarrely) as shown in the table below.

A date shown on screen with a passage of time in dialogue.In Torchwood: Exit Wounds we see a computer display which says that Owen was born in February 1980, while in Dead Man Walking we are told that Owen is 27 years old when he dies meaning this episode should occur between February 2007 and February 2008.In Doctor Who: Aliens of London we see a poster that states Rose went missing in March 2005 and the Doctor tells us that it's been 12 months since she left with him. Placing the episode in March 2006.
A date of birth and an age are given in dialogue, giving a period of time that the episode should occur within.In Torchwood: Reset Owen states that Meredith Roberts was born in January 1962 and was 45 when she died during the course of the episode - placing the episode between January 2007 and January 2008In Torchwood: To The Last Man we're told that Tommy Brockless was born at the beginning of February 1894 and is (from one perspective) 114 years old. This means the episode must occur between February 2008 and February 2009. This potentially could fit into the Concurrent Timeline with only the first two episodes occuring in 2007. However, for both this evidence and the information about Owen's birth date and death age to be correct, every episode between To The Last Man and Reset would have to occur within the space of a week.
A year date is given alongside a non-specific passage of time that could be rounded up or down.In Torchwood: Exit Wounds Jack is unburied by Torchwood in 1901 and states that he needs to be frozen for 107 years. Given the time of the year this could be fitted into the Delayed timeline.In Torchwood: Ghost Machine Thomas Erasmus Flanagan tells us he has lived in Cardiff for 66 years since he was evacuated from the city in 1941 setting the episode in roughly 2007.

Alongside this evidence above we also have a date from Torchwood: Adrift where we are given Jonas'  birth and age, which sets the episode between February 2008 and February 2009 - this could fit within either timeline.

There's little to choose between the two lots of evidence, so it's a personal choice which one you choose, the timeline here is the Delayed Timeline (lefaym  has laid out an excellent version of the Concurrent Timeline here: lefaym.livejournal.com/22789.html).

I've chosen to follow the Delayed Timeline for the following reasons - firstly I'm placing slightly more value on the Doctor Who date as that so far hasn't been contradicted within the programme, while Torchwood has contradicted itself several times - Owen's birth date in particular, which is the primary evidence for the Concurrent Timeline, has produced reams of debate and problems. Secondly, the producers have stated that they intended the episodes to occur a year after the air date in interview and in Russel T Davies' book The Writers Tale. This is also the timeline that is followed in The Time Traveller's Almanac and the Torchwood: Archives.

Hope that explains it all clearly.

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Hey all,

Firstly, I just wanted to apologise for taking a while to get this updated and for being so bad at replying to comments - life has been manic. Anyway, minus the videos and sound files, I think I've now got everything up (feel free to let me know if I'm wrong). I owe massive thanks to everyone who has provided help finding the pieces particularly dmarley and imayb1.

If you'd like to see more stuff like this, there's excellent information at tw_timeline and you should also go and becky_da_wolf has been organising the Captain's Blog by character and other ideas, check it out here.

So that's all for now, but if the website continues once Torchwood returns next year then I'll be back. I might even make the place look pretty (no promises).

Lots of thanks for the lovely comments.